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Client List - Adding a New Client Part III
Client List - Adding a New Client Part III

Overview of Delivery Accounts

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Setting up your Client lead delivery comes down to three main components.

  1. Orders

  2. Delivery Parameters

  3. The Technical Method of Delivery

In this article, we will show you how to set up the Delivery Account and the Delivery Method.

Delivery Account - Includes lead criteria,

When you first create a new Delivery Account, you can name the Delivery Account, as well as the Status, Lead Price, and turn on Automated Delivery.

From the Delivery Account Detail screen, you have the following options

General - Status, Price, and Delivery Priority

Quantity Limits - Set Hourly, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly limits, as well as limit the % of qualified leads to be delivered to this Client.

Delivery Options - You can set Automation, and Exclusivity, if the client Requires an Order for lead delivery and a Delivery Confirmation.

Criteria - Includes the following options

  • Lead Field

  • Regular Expression

  • Calculated Expression

  • Evaluate Function

Advanced - Includes the following options

  • Account Type - General Delivery, URL Redirect, Live Call Transfer, or IVR Direct Transfer

  • Enforce Quantity Constraints In the event that a lead isn't delivered due to all delivery accounts being over their maximum delivery, this option will allow the system to rescan and ignore quantity limits to ensure the lead is delivered.

  • Delivery Delay Should the lead be held for a certain amount of time before it is delivered.

  • Max Return Percentage The maximum amount of leads (in percentage received) that can be returned

  • Alternate Delivery Option Trigger an alternate delivery alongside the primary delivery.
    Note: For PING/POST setups, this setting is used to specify the PING delivery

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