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How to Create Delivery Groups
How to Create Delivery Groups

Delivery Groups allow you to set specific automation rules for a group of clients

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Delivery Groups

Delivery groups are used to group clients or delivery accounts and customize the type of automation used for delivering leads within the group. For example, you have Client A, Client B, and Client C and want to deliver round-robin between only Client A and Client B. You would add Client A and Client B to a delivery group set to round-robin automation. The system will then round-robin the delivery between Client A and Client B, and after it has attempted delivery within that group, it will then move to Client C if the lead can still be sold.

Delivery groups process delivery ahead of the system's general automation, so the system will scan all delivery groups ahead of processing your other clients.

How to Create a Delivery Group

Navigate to the Groups section under client and select Delivery.

Select Create and name your group.

Next, select the Distribution Type for the group.

  • Price :

  • Priority:

  • Round Robin:

  • Weighted:

  • Percentage:

  • Geolocation:

Once your group is created, you can drag and drop the Delivery Groups listed in order of priority.

From there, you need to assign clients to the group. This can be done one of two ways, on the client level or delivery account level.

Client-Level Delivery Group Setting:

A client can be assigned to a delivery group by selecting a group in the drop-down within the Settings section of the client detail page. This will allow the system to scan all delivery accounts of the client.

Delivery Account-Level Delivery Group Setting:

This setting is found in the Advance Settings tab of the delivery account and will tell the system only to scan the delivery account assigned to the group rather than all of the client's delivery accounts.

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