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ClickPoint Integration Delivery Method Configuration

Bidirectional delivery to ClickPoint.

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ClickPoint Lead Manager's integration with LeadExec enables real-time updates from SalesExec whenever actions or changes occur. This includes updates to the following fields within Lead Manager:

  • Lead Status

  • Current Workflow

  • Last Action Taken

  • Date Closed

Additionally, this integration will update basic lead information and upload any file attachments added to the lead records to ClickPoint SalesExec.

Click the Create button in the upper left-hand corner in Delivery Methods. This will generate a popup window to input the basic settings of the delivery method.

Description – Name your delivery method

Delivery Type – Select ClickPoint Integration for your delivery type.

Lead Type – Select the lead type the delivery method will be based on. To note, this setting cannot be changed after the delivery has been created.

Environment – If your client has a separate endpoint for testing, this allows you to set the delivery account in “Testing” mode, where you can set a testing endpoint.

Once you’ve made your selections, hit the Create button. This will move you to the main settings page of the delivery method, starting you out at the General settings tab. Here you can review the settings you just saved. If your settings look good, you can move on to the next tab.

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