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Email Delivery Settings

To and From settings for lead email delivery.

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From Email Address – This will be the address your client sees in their email when a lead is viewed.

To Email Address – The system will deliver emails to the address set on the client record by default. Otherwise, you can input the destination email(s) in this field. To add multiple emails, use a comma to separate them, ie: (,

Copy (CC) Addresses – Used to set up CC options for delivery.

Blind Copy (BCC) Addresses – Used to set up BCC options for delivery.

SMTP Settings (Optional)

This can be used if you want to use your own SMTP server for Email Delivery. It will require the SMTP Server Address

SMTP Server – Input the SMPT server addresses here.

SMTP Authentication Required – Select whether SMTP Authentication is required.

SMTP Username – Enter SMTP username if SMTP Authentication is enabled.

SMTP Password – Enter SMTP password if SMTP Authentication is enabled.

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