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Utilize system notifications to warn your team about urgent items within LeadExec

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LeadExec Notifications are handy when you have many lead buyers and need to stay on top of lead deliveries.

Notification Use Cases

  • For instance, knowing when a lead buyer's cap is almost at its maximum is vital for ensuring that their lead flow is not interrupted.

  • Knowing when a buyer's credit card declines are helpful; your team can find out what happened and get them to enter a new card.

  • Knowing when you receive new lead orders is essential to planning around your marketing expense to acquire more leads.

  • Understanding if a buyer is rejecting your leads could help you pinpoint a technical issue.

  • Knowing when a client has their order filled and has more lead volume could help your team know they should reach out to the buyer and initiate another order.

These are just a handful of the valuable scenarios where Notifications can help you run a successful lead-based business.

To create Notifications, go to Settings, then Notifications.

Steps to Create a Notification:

  1. Click on Create

  2. From here, select the type of Notification you would like to enable

  3. You can give the Notification a custom name if you want. You might do this if it's a Notification for a specific role or person within your company.

  4. You can Enable the new Notification.

  5. You can select who will receive this Notification and the method they will receive it, either email or text SMS.

  6. Once you create the Notification, you will get a slide-out with additional options.

  7. Based on the type of Notification, you will get options for the Notification.

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