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Returns - Managing Lead Returns
Returns - Managing Lead Returns

Managing lead returns is a big part of successfully managing your lead based business, we will cover the basics.

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To manage your Returns proceed to Returns, located in the left-hand navigation under your Leads section.

Tip: From this screen, you can use the Choose Columns feature to display critical pieces of information like Return Date and Date Added.

Also, it is critical to your lead generation success that you manage returns and mark your leads that are returned as Approved or Approved and Return to Source. If you select Approved Send back to Source, the lead will be deducted from your Vendor Send Count and affect your Vendor Payout.

Why Managing Returns is Important

With LeadExec, you can set a return % threshold for your lead buyers. You will want to limit the percentage of total leads on order a client can return in most cases. You might want to restrict a buyer to 10% or 20% to ensure you do not let them return more than would be prudent for a successful relationship. Your buyers can return leads from the Client Portal, or you can Import Returns via an XLS file.

We have also included a Pivot report feature with a pre-loaded report that helps you understand how many leads during a time frame your client has returned.

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