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Understanding the Lead Source Detail Screen
Understanding the Lead Source Detail Screen

Detailed information on how to use the Lead Source Details screen

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The Lead Source Detail screen allows you to edit your Lead Source information, create and access Campaigns, and manage credentials for the Vendor Portal.

You can also manage Access Control and Lead Grading settings for the Lead Source.

Access Control

The Access Control settings found on the Lead Source details page provide the functionality to either Whitelist or Blacklist IP addresses for the Lead Receiver.

Whitelisting vs Blacklisting IP addresses:

Whitelisting an IP address enables you to control who can (or cannot) access the Lead Receiver by setting up allowed IP addresses in Access Control. Any IP addresses set to "Allow" in access control will be granted access to the Lead Receiver to post leads into the account. Blacklisting an IP address will work the opposite, where IP addresses set to "Deny" will be blocked from accessing the Lead Receiver while all others will be allowed.

Lead Grading

For more detailed information on Lead Grading, please follow this link:

Vendor Portal

From the Vendor Portal, your Lead Sources can track accepted and returned leads. Your lead sources can also view their post documentation (how to deliver leads to your LeadExec account) and various reports to help them understand their payout.

You can learn more about setting up Lead Sources by reading these articles:

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