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Campaigns - Understanding Campaigns Screen
Campaigns - Understanding Campaigns Screen

The Campaigns screen helps you organize the Campaigns associated with your Lead Sources

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The Campaign List, found under the Lead Source section, allows you to see all of your Campaigns associated with a Lead Source on one screen.

From this screen, you have a few options from the main toolbar:

Open Lead Source - This opens the Lead Source associated with the Campaign

Open Campaign - This opens the Campaign options like quantity limits, lead type, and quality options.

Delete - This will delete a Campaign.

Posting Instructions - This will provide the Post Documents needed by your internal web-development team or third-party lead source to post leads to LeadExec electronically.

View Lead Flow - This is a great resource to view all the steps a lead will go through for this Campaign before a lead is accepted or rejected.

Export - This will allow you to Export your Campaigns into an XLS file.

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