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Clients - Portal Users
Clients - Portal Users

Create Portal users for your internal team.

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Creating Portal users in this screen provides the ability for your internal team members to track activity in the Client Portal. The users can be assigned to a single Client or multiple Clients. When logging into the Client Portal with credentials created in this screen, the user will see leads from their assigned clients in one place. This is generally used by businesses who are delivering leads to intercompany sales teams.

To create a Portal user, navigate to Portal Users under the Clients section of the left-hand menu. Next, click the Create button. This will generate a popup menu to complete the User Details. In the Permissions section, you will select the clients the user will have access to in the Client Portal.

Note: Additional users for the Portal on the client level must be created within the Client Portal. You can find more information in this article on the Client Portal.

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